Digital Marketing Fundraising Campaigns

Cost Effective Exponential Growth Of Your Audience

Are you making the most of your supporters?

If you are not communicating with your audience online, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to connect with them where they work, relax and connect with their own friends and family.

Not only are online donations an immediate and easy way of converting prospects to donors, Digital Marketing offers a way of having your supporters connect themselves, and their networks, with your organisation.

Digital Fundraising Campaigns give your supporters a way to show and share their support.

Unlike a traditional letter, Digital Fundraising Campaigns can be shared and promoted amongst the friends, family and colleagues of your supporters. By giving them the right tools, you’re enabling them to champion your cause and motivate others to do the same.
Mail Makers Integrated can show you how your Traditional Direct Marketing Fundraising Campaign can be reworked to be an effective Online Marketing Tool.

Digital Fundraising Campaigns Friends Supporters Network

By building online communities and connecting with Social Media Networks, you are able to grow your audience exponentially and cost effectively.

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Digital Campaigns:

  • Build awareness of your cause
  • Grow your audience through online sharing
  • Form part of your supporters’ personal brand
  • Have unlimited reach
  • Can be tracked effectively
And, if you’ve developed a Traditional Fundraising Campaign with us, adding digital components may cost less than you’d expect.
To expand your reach, ask us about our Digital Marketing Campaigns today.

Adding Support through Digital Connection


Determine digital platforms


Develop email, social media buttons, donation landing page, appeal story, video


Via email, social media and website


Make it easy to share with friends


Create urgency & build awareness 


Track responses for future campaign building